Attribution: Taken by Alyson S.
Taken by Alyson S.


For exquisite food, art and vibes the Root Cellar Cafe is the place to be. These cafe located in the square of San Marcos, Texas is great place to go out for a classy time. Having the menu of the day posted outside for visitors or potential guest to see is one of the many unique these local spot has to offer.  The food ranging from pastas to sandwich’s; one thing almost always guaranteed is that the quality of food will nothing but superb.  Combining the art gallery within the cafe the vibes of good times surrounds any customer.

Being the classy cafe to attend, one should usually make reservations due to the fact that it may get packed during the weekends. That in itself should say how high on demand this local eating place is. Having two separate menus for breakfast/lunch and dinner this cafe serves food fit for only the best. Of course, we all are the best, so in that case making a trip to visit Root Cellar Cafe is worthy your time. Root Cellar Cafe to me is like a fancier version of Panera Bread.  The plus is the the art gallery that is featured throughout the cafe.

The interior design of the cafe has an artsy wooden vibe all within the restaurant. They’re is a brew/pub in the back that is has multiple high chairs. The actual restaurant portion of the cafe is located near the front once the guest enter the cafe. There are large wooden tables that can seat from eight to four to two. Hung on the walls is art that contribute to the cafe’s gallery. The cafe is an actual cellar enhance its name Root Cellar Cafe. Below are pictures of the cafe and its display.


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Lidia Barillas

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